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Hello my friends and thank you for taking a little of time out of your day, to read about us here at the Cancel Your License website. Cancel Your License is one of a collection of websites for the Potters Independent Traders (PIT) Company, managed by Shirley and Lawrence. NOT TRUE! In fact Cancel Your license is the only website within PIT that is solely managed by Lawrence.

Shirley has not got a political bone in her body, so really has no interest in a campaign such as Canceling Your TV license. Therefore, it would be unfair to include Shirley’s name has an associate of this website. She will not be posting any articles etc.

Lawrence, on the other hand, has a real passion to promote change to the current British Broadcasting Corporation or has he likes to call it, the Biased Broadcasting Club (BBC).

With absolutely no political affiliations, Lawrence is in the unique but popular (oxymoron alert) position of being able to offer a completely unbiased opinion of the current version of the BBC and why the BBC needs to change for the good of the people.

It is Lawrence’s current opinion that the only way we can force the BBC to change is by canceling the license. The people (you and us) must take action to say enough is enough! Hence, the creation of this website and this campaign.


History in the Making

As already stated, Lawrence has no political affiliation. The truth is that his political allegiances and opinions have actually changed over time. But he has never been a member of or associated with any political party.

In his early days, Lawrence considered himself a socialist. Definitely left of centre! He was brought up with these principles but was never convinced of the socialist movement. The likes of Kinnock, Smith and Beckett never inspired a feeling of belonging and in fact at 18 years old, he voted Liberal Democrats and a couple of years later voted Green.

Cancel Your License PoliticsThen New Labour was born. What Blair promoted was actually perfect for what Lawrence believed at the time. History would prove that Blair and co were not morally aligned to Lawrence’s beliefs though. Suddenly things changed, both in Lawrence’s mind and in the political arena. Labour moved back to the left and Conservatives took over the middle ground, so much so that at the age of 48, Lawrence voted for the first time for a conservative prime minister in 2019.

What the heck has this got to do with the BBC and Canceling Your License? It’s not related is it? Well it’s Lawrence’s opinion that the history needs to be explained. The fact is during those early Liberal and New Labour years, Lawrence had absolutely no opinion on the BBC. He was blind. He assumed, like many others, that the BBC was an unbiased independent corporation that served all the people and presented the facts as news.

Sure, from around 2014 onward, Lawrence had heard mumblings that the BBC was not as ethical as it should be, but it was not until 2018 that he started to believe that this was actually possible. The massive growth and usage of social media had suddenly become effective. The silenced were suddenly being heard.The trust in the BBC became broken.

And then came the straw that broke the camel’s back, a final article (just a few days ago) that made Lawrence come out from his shell and campaign for change, rather than just mumble his dislike for the situation. Lawrence’s first article here at Cancel your License will go into detail to the events that led up to the camel’s back being broken.


The Campaign

Let’s make this clear!. Here at Cancel Your License, we have no desire to destroy the BBC. We are proud of it’s history and think it can represent our country and our people effectively. But it needs to be unbiased!

Biased Broadcasting ClubOur opinion is that by canceling the license, the voice of the people will matter and change will be effected. In the unlikely event that a change results in a new charter that insists and controls the BBC to produce unbiased reporting, but keeps the license in place, we will be satisfied but not ecstatic!

Let’s not be silly and unreasonable though! Bias can be actually very difficult to judge, especially when it is subtle. Individual reporters should be allowed to have their view, but the BBC should ensure that they give coverage to all views proportionally.

Our belief is that, as the BRITISH Broadcasting corporation is paid for by the British people, it should reflect the British people as a whole.Therefore, the BBC should, in the majority of situations, actually reflect the current government that has been elected but be able to challenge on behalf of the minority that didn’t vote for current elected government.

But, in the likely event, that unbiased reporting is not possible to achieve through the BBC, then the BBC should be replaced by an optional subscription paid service, resulting in a similar choice as you have to buy your biased tabloid or broadsheet newspapers.

Should the BBC be replaced by an optional subscription service, we would not only be satisfied but be ecstatic. Giving people a choice that they pay for, rather than forcing a license would be an ideal solution.


The Money

As stated this is a campaign website. But unlike most campaigns, we will not be knocking on your door or sending you emails requesting donations. There will be no crowdfunding links etc!

On saying that, we prefer to be honest up-front and can categorically say we have every intention to monetise the site in the near future. We all have to eat and earn a living! We will offer services and products related to the media world that you can use without a TV license. We will become affiliated with these products and services and therefore earn a commission, should you use our links to go through and purchase them.


The Content

Cancel Your License MoneyWe aim to produce articles in the following categories :-

  • Information and advice – such as how to cancel your license and what the consequences are.
  • Biased Broadcasting Club examples – addressing the BBC’s bias.
  • Where your Money goes – highlighting where the BBC spend your license money
  • The Alternatives – What you can do to entertain yourself and get news, should you not have a TV license

We will offer opportunities for guest authors to post articles, and offer opportunity for debate via the comments area in each article. However, with the aim of the website being the campaign, then we will not accept clear attempts to dilute the aim.

We reserve the right to edit (or delete) comments that could offend. Racism, sexism, and any other relevant ism comments will be deleted, whilst comments containing bad language could be edited or deleted.

At some point, in the future, we will also link to social media and have a YouTube channel under the brand of Cancel Your License.


The End

The campaign will run until the end!

Our ultimate aim is to get the BBC to replace it’s current license by an optional subscription service.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to respond.

Stay safe people!


10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Lawrence, Great post. Totally agree. I signed a petition a few years back about canceling the UK TV license. My poor sister got stung last year got a fine she couldn’t afford to pay and don’t think she even watches BBC. It is only £150 a year but still is more than some people can afford. Totally agree with your view here this should have been scrapped a long time ago.

    1. Hi Alex

      Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately the draconian rules with the BBC license doesn’t just cover the the BBC channels. I will be posting more information soon regarding this.

      Sorry your sister got stung, I’ll also be posting advice on how to prevent this happening

  2. I really like the aims of the Cancel your TV license website – such as giving advice on how to cancel your license and what the consequences are, addressing the BBC’s bias, describing where your money goes and giving alternatives to entertain ourselves.

    I wish you luck with your campaign and will follow you closely

    1. Thank you for comments. I’m glad that you like our aims. We certainly intend to address everything that you have mentioned.

      Its great that you are following us, the more support the better

  3. Hey Lawrence, I just want to give you thanks and respect for your greatest post. Totally agree and appreciate you. I engaged an appeal before about canceling the TV license. My father couldn’t afford to pay and it can be a big amount for someone. I just want to say that your article is very impressive that’s why I love your article and appreciate to you.
    Obviously, I will share this article with my relatives. Can I share this on my social media?

    1. Great that you liked our post.

      Please feel free to share with anyone you wish and in any way you wish , including social media. We want the campaign to be far reaching

  4. Thank you very much for sharing a lovely, insightful article with us. This article’s principal element is the Cancel Your License website. The fact that you addressed this subject so well in your article is truly impressive. Through reading your article I have learned a lot and developed a lot of knowledge about it. Of the points listed in your article, I like The Content.

    This is a BBC related broadcasting where the BBC is aware of the British public. The campaign was created to protect your website from BBC aggression.So I am also announcing my solidarity with this campaign and will not give up until I get a subscription.

  5. I must say that this is really an insightful post and i am very sure that the content of this article will be of so much help to many others, just as it has greatly helped me. This is a very detailed article on what you plan to share on your page. i look forward to seeing more articles from you. thank you

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