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Well, following the set-up of the campaign to Cancel to Your License, I intended to show you a full ‘How to Cancel Your TV License’ step by step guide, but the Coronavirus Headache has stopped me in my tracks. The TV license call centre is closed. They are not responding to calls or emails!

Last weekend, it finally happened, the straw that broke the camel’s back! As a result, I the instigated the beginning of this campaign to cancel your license. I have deliberately held-back on canceling my own license, so that I could produce an article on how to do it with a step by step guide. This was supposed to be that article! But don’t worry, there are still things you can do today, that effectively will cancel your TV license and I intend to discuss them here.

The Coronavirus headache is effecting every part of our lives. I suppose I really shouldn’t have been surprised that it effected the process of canceling your license, but it was actually quite a pleasant surprise. Guiltily it gave me quite a warm feeling, that the TV License call centre staff were not considered as key workers and were now at home. Of course, I don’t personally have anything against these workers. It’s their job and they like everyone else are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But anyway, let’s get on with How to Cancel Your TV License under the circumstances of the headache that is Coronavirus.


Why Cancel?

Let’s not forget why we are canceling our TV license.

I personally have canceled my license today because of the following: –

Biased Broadcasting Club

  • Biased Reporting – totally against the BBC’s main responsibility of providing impartial public service broadcasting.
  • A Tax by another name – a cost that is forced upon us even if we don’t want to watch BBC channels.
  • Unfair Treatment of the Elderly – They have unethically canceled the free license for over 75s. Disgusting!
  • Money Squandering – ridiculous usage of the license money to overpaid presenters and for services the majority of the people do not use.
  • Money Not Needed – The BBC has several private limited companies as arms of it’s main corporation that allows it to make millions in profit every year. It doesn’t need the license money to survive. It could quite easily carry on under a subscription based service paid for by the people that want to watch the BBC.
  • Poor Quality Programs – The quantity of quality BBC programs has diminished rapidly in recent years.
  • Saving My Own Money – over £150 that will stay in my bank account

Even if you don’t agree with all the reasons above, and only maybe agree with one, You still should make a stand and cancel your license. There have been multiple petitions that have had no effect. The government are reviewing the BBC license at the moment but the BBC are fighting tooth and nail to keep it in any form that they can.

Canceling your license will make a difference. Money talks.


Video Guide

Well I’ve tried to produce a video guide in how to cancel our license and uploaded it to YouTube. This is my first ever video guide across the sites that I own, so please be gentle with me. I am from an area of the UK that has a reasonably strong accent, but hopefully you will understand me.

Take a look at the video here, or open it in YouTube. Alternatively, if you prefer follow the step by step instructions in the next section.

If you have any issues with this video, please let us know in the comments below. Remember I did say this is my first ever video, so technical issues are possible.


Step by Step Instructions

As I stated earlier, we have an issue because the TV licensing Call Centre is closed at the moment. They are not responding to email or calls. This means that officially you cannot cancel your TV license at the moment, but we can still effectively cancel our TV license today, no matter how you pay for it.

TV License Direct Debit Cancel

  • If you pay for your TV license by cash, cheque or bank transfer, every year, then simply stop paying. Don’t pay your next payment.
  • If you pay for your TV license by payment card, again stop paying. Don’t pay your next payment.
  • And finally if you pay for your license by direct debit, contact your bank either directly or preferably via an online app and cancel the direct debit.

It really is as simple as that, but there is one or two other things that you should consider doing to ensure that you cancel your license effectively.

  1. Take a note of the date, you may need this later for reference purposes etc.
  2. Read the rules and ensure you follow them. They are available on the TV licensing website and we will be providing a comprehensive post here at Cancel your License very soon. We do not recommend that you risk breaking the rules etc.
  3. Stop paying as per the above instructions, depending upon how you pay your license currently.
  4. Set a reminder for yourself to cancel the license officially in the future when headache of coronavirus has passed.
  5. Ignore any reminders that you receive. Remember if you are following the rules you have nothing to worry about. Additionally, as the TV licensing call centre is currently closed, it’s also very likely that the other departments within the TV licensing are also closed and therefore it is unlikely that the inspector vans will be going around.
  6. When you get that reminder, go onto the TV licensing website and cancel your license officially and then consider asking for a refund.

Personally, we don’t really believe, for the majority of us, that it will be worthwhile to consider applying for TV license refunds but you can if you wish.

If you have only just paid for your TV license on a yearly or quarterly basis, then a refund should be considered. When You contact TV licensing officially, after the coronavirus headache has passed, then quote the date that you canceled your license (from step 1 above) in any communication to them. If you supply evidence, such as screenshots or emails from your bank then this may help you in getting a refund.


What’s Next?

OK, so you’ve canceled your license. If you were an avid or even a casual BBC viewer, you might be considering what to do with your time now.

For BBC content, you can still view and use their website if you really want to. I actually need to. I wouldn’t be able to write most of these articles published on Cancel Your License, if I didn’t have access to their website. The TV license does not cover the use of their website!

For news and current affairs, why not consider using catch-up TV apps such as the ITV Hub. As long as you are not watching the content live your are absolutely fine. Most of these apps have their news available on catch-up within 30 minutes of them going live. But remember the use of the BBC Iplayer app is prohibited, if you do not have a license.

For sport, if you want to watch it live, then get down to your local pub (when they open again) and socialise with your friends. Alternatively if your happy to watch it after the event then use Sky or Sky Go on-demand to watch replays etc.

For soaps and dramas, use the catch-up TV apps. The only main soaps that you are going to have to go without are the BBC productions of Eastenders and Doctors (if its still on). Some BBC dramas are actually quite decent but there is plenty of alternatives on the catch-up apps or on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

TV License NetflixFor movies, take a look at sky on demand, Netflix or Amazon Prime initially. They have plenty of movies included as part of their subscription or you can consider the options to hire or rent movies from these providers and others.

And finally from a TV point of view, for documentaries, consider the catch-up TV apps or the providers mentioned above again or YouTube. History, discovery, travel and cooking and many more channels all have their own versions of catch-up or on-demand TV available. YouTube has some great videos on almost any subject you can imagine, produced by independent individuals.

Alternatively, why not turn the TV off and consider other activities. Take the family out for a day, spend the afternoon in the garden, do some DIY, take up a hobby or read a book. The alternatives available are endless. You don’t need a TV license!


Money in Your Bank

You’ve done it! You’ve canceled your TV license and made a stand against the biased BBC. Well done and a big thank you from me. We can make a difference!

But as a bonus you’ve just saved yourself over £150 a year. With the headache of coronavirus, you just might need that money for other bills. If your in the lucky situation where you don’t, then why not treat yourself to a few books that you are are going to read.

If you have any feedback or comments to this guide, then please leave them below. Additionally, please bookmark our site for more articles on the biased BBC and advice on canceling your license.


8 thoughts on “How to Cancel Your TV License – Coronavirus Headache

  1. I agree with you. BBC’s quality has drastically decreased in a few years. I arrived Great Britain about 20 years ago and BBC was completely different back then.

    Thank you for showing us not only to cancel but also giving us alternatives. I’ll check Netflix and Amazon Prime. This has been a useful post!

    1. The quality and and more specifically quantity is very poor now, compared to 20 years ago.

      I wouldn’t like to count them , but the amount of original dramas or comedies etc is just so low , it’s embarrassing.

      Good luck choosing your alternative.

  2. We cancelled our cable TV service many years ago as part of household cost-cutting measures. My children did just fine without it depending on DVDs back in the day. If they wanted to catch something on TV they would go next door to my parent’s home to watch it there.

    Now with Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime, cable tv isn’t missed much. Besides today’s kids are busy watching YouTube on their tablets or cell phones.

    1. Sounds Great!

      Unfortunately in the UK the license is basically forced on us. Many people think if they have TV they need a license or they will end up in court and this simply isn’t true. The license fee is portrayed and is effectively a tax in another name.

  3. Wow! I don’t live in the UK so this isn’t a problem for me, but it’s so nice for you to share how to handle this matter. It sounds like they don’t deserve the business at all.
    I can say that I have both Netflix and Amazon Prime. They have great movies to pick from and a wide variety of choices along with older TV shows such as “The Walking Dead” and “Heartland”.
    I’m very happy with both companies for my TV entertainment and it’s not that expensive either! Amazon Prime is free if you are a prime member and Netflix starts around $9 or 10 dollars.
    Thanks for sharing this. It’s sweet of you to help others out in this way.


    1. Thank you Devara.

      Yes they definitely don’t deserve our money, but it is almost forced upon us. Biased news and low quality programs are just some of my issues with the BBC. They certainly do not serve the public , and that is there stated purpose.

      The alternatives you mention are far better quality and value.

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