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Well here it is, the straw that broke the camel’s back! An article published on 27th March 2020 linking the BBC and Jeremy Corbyn, with a ridiculous amount of support at a time when the country needs the public service broadcaster to support the recently elected government against the coronavirus pandemic.

My immediate reaction when reading the article, was one of rage! Boris Johnson had just been diagnosed with covid-19 and here was the BBC still showing their bias against and contempt towards the government in the midst of an international crisis. Questions swirled around my head!

How can they do it? How can they risk riling the people and causing division when the country is in lockdown and needs solidarity?

Having read a couple of articles, over the last week, that had already got my blood running against the biased media, such as the BBC ‘refusing to name the hero’, I finally decided it was time for action. The campaign to ‘Cancel Your License’ idea was formed inside my head and I began to research how I could move forward with the aim of putting the final nail in the BBC’s coffin.


Grabbing the Headline

Jeremy Corbyn Proved RightSo apparently, “he was proved right on public spending” because of Coronavirus, according to Jeremy Corbyn, with no argument from the BBC.

The whole argument is so fundamentally flawed, it is incredible that a company that is tasked with providing impartial public service broadcasting would have the gall to give it air-time. We are in the midst, or more realistically at the very start, of an international crisis.

The government spending on the coronavirus pandemic has absolutely nothing to do with the standard policy on public spending. To link the two is just irresponsible and illogical. Government spending on covid-19 is essential to keep the economy going as people stay at home, to enable the NHS to cope and ultimately to keep people alive.

The massive investment that the government have made in this international crisis is still probably not going to be enough. It is highly likely that the world economy will suffer or crash, companies will go under, jobs will be lost and people will become bankrupt or in severe debt.

By stating that is the kind of public spending that was needed in a normal world and therefore he was proved right, Jeremy Corbyn has showed how dangerous he and the far left really are. The BBC’s lack of argument in the article only goes to show their natural inbred support for the left.

But the BBC go further. They go as far as they possible can in bringing it to the forefront of people’s minds. It is headline news on their website and comprehensively covered during their daily news slots on TV.


Presenting the Argument

Now let’s take a look at how the BBC actually presented the argument that Jeremy Corbyn was right on public spending.

Firstly they present a 47-second snippet of Jeremy Corbyn claiming he was right. There is no debate, no hard questions and no come-back from the BBC interviewer.

Then they move onto a headline saying ‘We need Everybody”. Whilst there is a lot of accuracy in this statement and we can’t deny that NHS workers, Refuse Collectors, Supermarket Tellers and Farmers have suddenly been recognised as key-workers, the underlying tone of the message from Corbyn is that through Coronavirus this is somehow a victory for socialism.

The virus apparently started in a country that practices the most extreme type of socialism – I’ll just leave that statement here to be debated at another time. It’s going off the subject of BBC Bias etc.

The next 51-second video snippet is actually far more revealing. The interviewer, Laura Kuenssberg is laughing, joking and very comfortable with a high level political figure whilst discussing his mistakes. The attitude seems to be that the mistakes are insignificant and we can brush them under the carpet. Compare that to how the BBC deal with political figures they do not support. Stephen Sackur and Hardtalk immediately comes to mind.

The BBC highlight the next section with a title of Social Wrongs, In here Corbyn claims, if elected, he wanted to spend the money to right the social wrongs in the country. He , once more, claims he was proved right because in only 3 months that money was being spent. The fact is almost immediately that parliament started to discuss covid-19, Corbyn and his lieutenants started calling for a permanent increase in SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) and Universal Credit.

These are standard Labour policies. Corbyn was trying to take advantage of the coronavirus to implement his own policies. The people that were already on these benefits before coronavirus are actually the least affected financially by covid-19. The majority of them are not about to lose their jobs, their company etc.

By the BBC highlighting social wrongs as a title, it shows a clear leaning to the left and support of Corbyn’s statements.

The final section titled ‘Unprecedented Abuse’ is so ironic that it is , once more, unbelievable that the BBC have the gall to highlight it. Corbyn claims he was the victim of an unprecedented level of abuse from the mainstream media. The support that Corbyn was given by the BBC during Brexit, the election and even during this final interview was clear for all to see.

The BBC and Corbyn are simply giving excuses for their failed politics.


Covering their Backs

As I have stated the article showing the BBC’s bias towards Jeremy Corbyn was published by the BBC on the 27th March 2020 in their main news stream. It took me a few days to form the Cancel Your License campaign and this website, and so I had to research and go back to the article for the purposes of this post. I hadn’t bookmarked it, I had no intention of really reading it again!

When trying to find the article again, I came across the full political editorial by Laura Kuenssberg. In this editorial, Laura does question and debate what Jeremy Corbyn says. By doing this the BBC have actually covered their backs and provided impartial public service broadcasting to their political audience.

BBC Impartial Service

The fact still remains that the BBC highlighted in their main news stream on both the TV and their website a clear biased report and they did it intentionally.


The Final Nail

As I stated at the start, the publication of the BBC’s article on Jeremy Corbyn’s final days as leader of the Labour party really was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Looking back on it now, I am not quite sure why it was this particular BBC article that finally made me act. On it’s own, it is no more biased and ridiculous than the many other BBC articles that I have read and programmes that I have watched.

I suppose it is really because of the strange times that we are living in. Covid-19 has heightened the need for us all to stick together and support the recently elected government in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The massive investment they have made to try to prevent an economic crash, alongside the management of the crisis in terms of enabling the NHS to cope really needs to be applauded.

Biased Broadcasting ClubThe last thing we need, as a country at this time, is a biased national broadcaster riling the people and derailing the effort.

I previously mentioned that other articles during the week, such as the BBC ‘refusing to name the hero’, had also led me to the decision to start the campaign to Cancel your License. In truth, it was a long time coming. The BBC’s anti Brexit stance, their waste of the license payers money and their bias towards the left have all contributed to my decision to finally act.

I firmly believe it is time to put the final nail in the BBC’s coffin. In reality, I don’t want to destroy them.but I do want their unbiased reporting to stop or for the people to have a choice on whether to pay for their services. It is with this aim and desire that I would request you to cancel your license.

If you have any comments or feedback for me here at the Cancel your License website, then please feel free to leave them below. Please take the opportunity to bookmark our site for more articles and advice on why and how you should cancel your license.


8 thoughts on “The BBC and Jeremy Corbyn

  1. Hi Lawrence, Interesting. I have to say JC sounds as deluded as ever. I’m not sure what to think about the BBC though. No amount of Doctor Who or Eastenders can justify the many people pay them. You should link any petitions you can on here. Try and make this a possibility.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Actually I don’t think there would be so many people with issues with the BBC, if the money was going towards the popular programs. It’s the wasted money on programs that very few people watch or on things like the 9 live orchestras that we pay for that are the issue. Alongside the biased news of course.

      As for JC, I personally think deluded is a compliment in this case

  2. Actually I don’t think there would be so many people with issues with the BBC, if the money was going towards the popular programs. It’s the wasted money on programs that very few people watch or on things like the 9 live orchestras that we pay for that are the issue. Alongside the biased news of course.

    1. Hi  I appreciate your opinion. We just think it would be so much better if it was subscription based and people had a real choice whether to pay or not.  Remember live TV such as the ITV channels also are controlled by the license fee, even though ITV gets very little of the fee

  3. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article among us. I appreciated this post very much. You have discussed in detail about The BBC and Jeremy Corbyn Argument. I learned more about the BBC and Jeremy Corbyn Argument from this post. I want everyone in the world to know about this. Thanks for presenting beautifully. Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know Thanks

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this informative article with us. The post is truly admirable.

    I agree with you that the BBC is showing their bias and contempt for the government even in the midst of an international crisis. Covid-1 is not spreading to any nation or group, it is a cause of fear around the world. The BBC should stick to the truth. And the government should go ahead to tackle this epidemic.

    1. Thank you for your comments.

      Hopefully we can get this done together, tackle the epidemic and reveal the truth

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