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Well they have done it again! The BBC have come up with a classic to include in their bias news examples. This time, they are once more taking advantage of the Covid-19 nightmare to introduce the BBC nurse article interviewing a far left radical campaigner.

The Nurse in question is interviewed in reference to the PPE supply for the NHS. The government are under close scrutiny at the moment and getting flak from several quarters in regard to PPE shortages for the NHS and local care staff dealing with Coronavirus.

In their typical manner, the BBC manage to bring in activists to promote their left wing agenda without actually introducing the article as politically based. It’s biased and subtle as a brick but unfortunately it is working to an extent.

Here at Cancel Your License, we are campaigning for people to take action against the BBC to stop this biased reporting. They are tasked with providing impartial public service broadcasting and failing miserably. Their recent interview with Jeremy Corbyn was an example of their failing and here we have more.


An Apology!

Firstly, an apology from myself. Having cancelled my license I obviously follow the rules and do not watch live BBC news. The Nurse interview was bought to my attention by a friend and despite hours of research I have been unable to actually find the original interview on the BBC website.

Therefore, I am using second-hand evidence from other reporters to address what was actually in the interview and making some educated assumptions.

BBC NurseAnd now an apology from the BBC. They reported on Friday 17th April that an NHS trust boss had concerns about PPE and had contacted them directly. They were caught in their lies and had to issue an apology because the person that contacted them does not even work for any NHS Trust.

In fact the BBC go on to state that the person concerned is part of a network of organisations helping to source PPE. What’s the betting that this network of organisations is a left wing group such as the Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group. A group of local organisations, almost always set-up by left wing Labour activists, that campaigns for low rent and TUC sick pay amongst other things.

My own Covid-19 Mutual aid group local organisation, the Chase Coronavirus Support Group, is renowned for its make-up of left wing labour councillors and has frequently been accused of collecting the information of the vulnerable people requiring help for the purposes of political campaigning etc.


How the Article is Biased!

Returning to the actual subject of this blog, the Nurse’s, Mark Boothroyd, interview is portrayed by the BBC as a standard NHS worker raising the issue of PPE shortages.

The fact that the BBC present people like Mark Boothroyd as the average man-on-the-street is hypocritical and shows their biased platform. We can safely assume that he was not introduced as a unionist, extremist or left-wing activist.

Only a day earlier the BBC introduced Dr Paul Williams, a former MP, as an expert to answer Coronavirus questions. They made no attempt to put the interview in any sort of political context and certainly did not reveal that not only was he a Labour MP, he is also currently the Labour candidate campaigning to become a Police and Crime Commissioner.

Dr Williams, unsurprisingly proceeded to take the opportunity to campaign against the government stating they were falling ‘woefully short’.

Of course, when it comes to right wing activists, the BBC do not provide the same service. When Tommy Robinson recently intervened in an elderly lady’s Covid-19 based assault, whilst the BBC did call him a hero they did not even dare mention his name.

In fact, any kind of slightly right-wing activity is deemed ‘disgusting’ and ‘racist by the BBC.

BBC Right Wing Bias

The BBC has a mass of resources available in order to be able to complete it is research, Therefore it is not unreasonable to presume that they would have actually known Mark was running a left wing unionist campaign intended to disrupt the NHS on the actual day of his interview.


Who is Mark Boothroyd

Whilst it is true that Mark Boothroyd is an RCN Nurse. It’s also very relevant that he is a unionist and an extreme left-wing activist with a long history of protesting.

Mark has avidly campaigned on many issues. Staunchly anti-Brexit, he believes in open borders and complete freedom to refugees to come to Britain.

He has been accused of being anti-Zionist and anti-Israel and has even openly admitted to some comments, claiming that it was five years ago and he no longer has those beliefs now.

He has also been accused of labelling the UK and US armed forces as ‘imperialist forces’.

He has actively supported Syrian rebels with a strange mix of an anti-war stance combined with calls for “radical and revolutionary progressive forces”.

He has been heavily involved in unite union based campaigns such as the 2018 ‘Ditch The Deal’ and the ‘999 Marches’ in 2014.

He has contributed to a multitude of online blog and campaign pages, including Open Democracy, Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century (rs21), Syria Solidarity UK, Wall of Controversy, Keep Our NHS Public National and his own Nurse Boothroyd Blog Spot

Anti War Protests

And finally on the day of his interview, with the BBC, he was actively promoting the ‘PPE Now’ campaign to cause disruption to the NHS, at this critical time and incorporate walk-outs of NHS staff.

Whether you agree with his politics or not, is irrelevant. It is absolutely clear that Mark Boothroyd is not the average-man-on-the-street that the BBC presented and that therefore BBC should have introduced him as a left-wing activist in line with their charter to produce impartial public service broadcasting.


The BBC Biased Agenda

There is more and more evidence becoming available of the BBC’s bias and general left wing tendencies. All the way through Brexit, it was clear which side of the fence they sat on and it only seems to be getting worse.

In more recent times, the BBC has displayed its bias towards Jeremy Corbyn and against Donald Trump. The deeper we get into the Coronavirus pandemic and the international crisis, the more the BBC seems to be taking the opportunity of causing unrest and potentially encouraging an uprising.

Let’s not forget that the Conservative government was elected in December 2019 with a massive majority. Let’s restate that the BBC is charged with providing an impartial public service. It is only common sense that should suggest that the BBC should be supporting the government during this crisis and trying to encourage the people to follow the lock-down guidelines etc. It is totally unproductive to cause unrest and undermine the government at this critical time.

But starting with the slating of Donald Trump and then moving on to subtly introduce left wing activists such as Dr Williams and Mr Boothroyd, it is clear the BBC are taking the opportunity to promote their left winged biased agenda.

BBC Left Wing News

Only today the BBC has reported strong headlines from labour councillor Richard Watts, once more not stating his political bias. This has followed on from reports with similar headlines from labour councillor Peter John. The BBC merely introduces them as ‘chairman of the LGA’s resources board’ and ‘leading councillor’ and specifically stays away from identifying their political bias etc.

BBC Biased NewsJust to add into the mix, isn’t it also interesting, that on this very day the BBC have also reported about the High-profile democracy activists arrested in Hong Kong. Free Hong Kong is another campaign that the left wing activist Mark Boothroyd is heavily supporting.



Stand Up for Democracy

The one aspect of Mark Boothroyd’s campaigning that I totally agree with is his stance of promoting and maintaining democracy.

It is only right that the elected government be held accountable even during this crisis. The political system we have in the UK is working at the moment. Opposition politicians are allowed to ask the difficult questions and challenge the government on their policies.

The media of course should be allowed to report on the government actions and the opposing opinions etc. But the problem comes when the media are producing biased reports and generally promoting discontent.

The PPE shortage is a real issue in unprecedented times of an international crisis. Many people will be worried about it, not just the NHS and care workers. Each one of those workers has a close and an extended family. We seriously do not need a media that is throwing flak at the government at every opportunity and riling the people up.

Please seriously consider what the BBC are doing here and respond by cancelling your license. We must stand and be counted. Here at Cancel Your License we want the people to have a voice and not be led down the garden path by a biased BBC service.

Whether you agree with me or not, please also take the opportunity to comment your thoughts below. We are interested in what you have to say. If you like what we have to say them bookmark our site and follow us on social media. We are here to make a difference and we need your support.

BBC Nurse Uprising

4 thoughts on “The BBC Nurse – Bias News Examples

  1. It is very sad to see such a big company settle for the worse. BBC is one of the biggest news company in the world, seeing them make such a mistake is so unlikely. The new exactly what the report was about and let it go public! That is my humble opinion.

    Because I can not understand how such a mistake could be done. They had to check the story and make sure that the source was credible. You do not just an opinion of such an important matter to anyone on the street, you need to make sure that the person talking surely works there. Take his work ID, ask other people working there to confirm that the person really works there…..I mean there are so many steps they could have to take to ensure that the source was credible and they have the means.

    That is why I can only say that they knew exactly what they were doing! Too bad


    1. Thank you for your reply.

      Yes, I agree 100% they knew what they were doing. This was not a mistake. It was blatant biased news reporting. The BBC are becoming more and more blatant with their bias as each day goes by. They need to be stopped.

  2. wow what a nice blog we have here! Whilst reading your blog I came across the word democracy,and this is what the world needs right now.Government for the people and chosen by the people,and I believe in transparency and Truth.And if a cooperate organization like BBC is being biased them they should be sanctioned for this.

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