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Of course there is no point running a campaign, if your not going to lead by example. So when I produced the article on how to cancel your license, I followed the process myself. I intended to do a simple post when I received the TV license Cancellation Letter to simply show I was leading by example.

Surprise surprise, in life, nothing is ever quite straightforward.

I am fuming! The email I received from TV Licensing is absolutely disgusting. It epitomises exactly what is wrong with the system and the pressure the BBC put on people to fill their coffers.

If you want jump straight the response, I got then click here! But for readers that may be here on Cancel your License for the first time, I will try to give a little back story


Why I Canceled?

So let’s get into the basics of why I decided to cancel my TV license.

BBC’s Biased News

My primary reason for canceling my license is down to a total disdain for the BBC’s news service. It has become absolutely clear to me that the BBC provides a totally biased service that fits in with their own agenda. This is completely against their charter which states that their main objective is to provide ‘impartial public service broadcasting’.

Unfair TV License Fee principle

The BBC has a core grassroots policy of instilling an impression that the license is mandatory. They treat the fee like it is a tax that we are required to pay And they are succeeding with this immoral and unethical stance to the point that over 80% of households are paying for a service that only 56% deem reflective of them.

BBC Treatment of Our ElderlyTreatment of our elderly generation

Having recently announced a policy to cancel the free license for over 75s, the BBC have shown an absolute disregard of our elderly generation. These people are their core historical customers. There is no customer loyalty reflected in any BBC policy.

BBC’s Money Usage

From £1 million contracts for has been sports stars to incredible salaries for radio presenters. From high-bonuses for directors to extortionate expense claims, the BBC has continually been exposed of wasting our money.

Hidden Money

Many people believe the BBC corporation is a public owned company. But the fact is the BBC has multiple private limited companies in its commercial arm. Exposes have revealed that money and directors are moving around the company in what can only be described as an elaborate game of musical chairs, for the purposes of creative accounting.


Quality Service

The quantity of original BBC programs has reduced and the quality of any new programs is generally very poor. When you compare the quality of dramas, sports coverage or even documentaries to subscription based competition, the BBC comes absolutely nowhere near.

My own economics

Covid-19 has hit us all, myself included. I have had to re-evaluate my budget and reduce my expenditure. The BBC license fee of over £150 a year was simply something that was not worth paying. I should have canceled years ago. The alternative news and entertainment options are far better and cheaper.


Cancellation Issues

Deciding to cancel my license during the Covid-19 lockdown has caused me some minor issues.

The TV licensing Call Centre is closed due to the lockdown. The call centre have advised, on their website, they will not respond any emails or calls.

This meant that officially I could not cannot cancel my TV license through their channels because there was no point informing them.

However, their own final advice, when canceling a license, was to stop paying and cancel any direct debits etc. This effectively would ensure my license was canceled.


The Disgusting Response

As I started off this post, I am absolutely fuming by the ‘standard’ response I received just a couple of days after canceling my direct debit.

I consider myself an intelligent person that doesn’t get phased by small-print or a bombardment of telephone, email or postal unsolicited mail etc. So in this situation, I am really putting myself in the shoes of the more vulnerable in our society who may panic at the sight of a red letter etc.

The ‘standard’ email response from the BBC advising me of my canceled direct debit is simply disgusting and unethical.

BBC Cancellation Email

So according to this response, they have the option to pass my details to a debt collection agency. Why? I am not in debt! I do not have a contract with the BBC.

The statement is ridiculous, it’s misleading and it’s totally unethical. Again it epitomizes exactly what is wrong with the system and the immoral way the BBC represent the license fee as almost mandatory

Nobody has a contract with the BBC for their current license. It is optional! If you stop paying for it and don’t use live TV or IPlayer services, there is absolutely nothing they can do.


Moving Forward

Moving ForwardI did say when I canceled my TV license, that I was expecting these kinds of emails or letters. The BBC is renowned for pressuring people in an attempt to get them to pay the license fee.

So whilst the email was not a surprise, the disgusting content certainly was. But of course, I have every right to stop paying my license as long as I am following the rules and not using the services that the license is for.

Therefore, moving forward, during covid-19, I will expect to receive further emails and postal letters and I will do absolutely nothing about them. Lockdown means the TV license call centre is closed and therefore any correspondence I am getting is automatic. I also don’t expect TV License inspectors to be out and about.

When we are finally released from the covid-19 lockdown, I will of course contact TV licensing and advise them I no longer want or need a license.

Even after I have advised them I no longer want a license, I will still expect to receive further correspondence, due to the BBC’s unethical policy of pressuring people, but I will do absolutely nothing about them.

Join the Campaign

My opinion is that by canceling my license, I am making a statement that matters. I want this site to be the voice of the people and effect change.

I believe the BBC is currently paid for by the British people and should reflect the British people as a whole. It doesn’t at the moment, therefore it is imperative we campaign for change. The most effective way to campaign is to hit their pockets.

If you agree with any of my reasons for canceling my license or you have your own specific reasons, then please join us in the campaign to cancel your license. Bookmark our site, follow us on social media and cancel your own license.

Feel free to offer feedback or comments on our posts or even offer your own articles for inclusion in this site. We are quite happy to have guest authors who wish to contribute to the campaign.



14 thoughts on “TV License Cancellation Letter

  1. Hi there!

    I found your article very helpful! I really like the way you write down the truth about BBC and their system.I am not American, so I don’t know much about BBC, but the way they work is similar to some news corporations we have here in Europe.

    Good luck in the future with your website, and keep up during these hard times!

    1. Hi Beni,

      The BBC is not American. It is the British Broadcasting Corporation. 

      Thank you for your kind comments and I tend to agree that other European news corporations are also very biased.

  2. i really think that this issue is not a trivial situation and i like how you analyzed the entire situation is quite interesting.I agree because the BBC is currently paid for by the British people then it should reflect the British people as a whole. It clearly doesn’t at the moment and therefore I understand the purpose of your campaign. An effective way to campaign is definitely to hit their pockets,  as you say. 

    1. Thank you for your support. It certainly isn’t trivial. Many vulnerable people in society will react badly to such disgusting threats.

  3. I love that you shared this here. So many people are probably experiencing something similar to this and I can imagine how validated they must feel after reading this.
    Thank you!

  4. I actually thought i was over reacting so i have been silent about it. if you are bringing it up, then it means i am not the only one who sees it this way, a lot of other people are affected by this act. customers are supposed to be treated with high regards and this is not observed at all. they are biased.

    1. Yes agree with you .. often we just let things pass.  But it is our money they are using or mis-using, so we shouldn’t.

      More and more people are beginning to realise just how bad the BBC are.

  5. What a nice post you wrote Lawrence! I really enjoyed reading it and could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You for sharing this quality post. Actually I was looking for information about the tv license cancellation letter and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details and it was exactly what I wanted to know.
    I’m happy that you’ve decided to write about this topic and share it with others. It’s very useful post in my opinion and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested to know about this topic.

    I will definitely come back to your site again to read more posts. Keep up quality articles! 🙂


  6. Today April 25th Naga Munchetty announced on BBC Breakfast “It is our job to hold the government to account”. This confirms the BBC policy of supporting government opposition and clearly breaches the BBC charter. Unable to lodge any complaint as BBC has closed down Complaints. Is that legal?

    1. Thank you Ruth for your comments.

      Whether closing down complaints is legal or not will be quite difficult to find out, I would guess. In these unprecedented times many major firms will try to get away with anything they can. Just look at Richard Branson’s attempts to get funds! It is not the BBC’s job to ‘hold the government to account’. It is there job to provide an impartial broadcasting service. It is for this reason that the BBC should not actually be classed as part of the ‘Free Press’. They can not be biased. Your are 100% correct, what they are getting away with is completely against their charter.

  7. Received constant threatening letters but they have never asked me if I want their services. I will Be telling them offically once all this is over. Unfortunately it’s not just the BBC that are biased. I think the government need to step in and review the amount of anti government propaganda across all British news sight just like social media have started reviewing content for false information.

    1. Hi James, whilst I understand where you are coming from, unfortunately there is very little government can do with regards to the free press. Obviously they can sue for libel etc! But all media outlets are allowed to have their agenda and political bias, except the BBC. It’s why ridiculous stories such as ‘Freddie Star ate my hamster’ are allowed. The BBC however has a royal charter as part of the license fee. It is specifically tasked with producing an ‘impartial broadcasting service’. It clearly fails!

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